Unforgetable Experience

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And now i will tell you about my experience when me and my group do the observation in SD Perguruan Advent XV Ciracas.

Here we go…

On May 24, 2018. Me and my group goes to SD Perguruan Advent VX Ciracas to execute the observation. And what kind of observation is? We just read the story to the student there.

And when we want to go to that school, we’re gathered at Halte UKI so that we can go to the elementary school together. And i will tell you when we do the observation in that school, not only “We’re The Winner” group (it’s my group name) but we do the observation with another group. One of whom is alumnus of the elemntary school, so we can entered to the school easily.

And in there, we entered to the one class to start our observation. And before we start our observation we’re introduce our self and after that we start our observation. One by one of us read the paragraph of the Timun Mas story. And weren’t forgt to give all of the student the paper of the Timun Mas story,¬†it aims to let them know to what extent our reading reads. After our finish read our story, we give some candy to the student, and we go home. And we’re not forget to says thanks to the teacher and the principal.

I feel very happy after we’re finished our observation. hopefully we can go back to that shool and meet all of them again.


I think it’s the end of my story. THANK YOU Good Reader ūüôā

3 Luxuries Things

  1. A new car will be bought by me in 2026

download (1)

The reason why I choose the new car,¬† because i want to brought my family to my hometown with my own car, and i want to show to my family if i can bought new car with my own money.¬†¬†How can i get this thing ?¬† i will save my money and on the bank and i will work hard to get much¬† money and i will bought my own car immediatelly. This thing are important in my life,¬† because it’s my dream car and i really want to have that car.

2. The house will be built by me in 2030


The reason why i choose house,¬†because i want make my parent confident in their old, and it’s make me and my parents happy because we’ve move to the better place. How can i get that ? i will save my money, and if necessary i will invest in the future i can build the house that i dream.¬†This things are important in my life , because i want yo please both my parents, and make them feel comfortable life in their old age.

3. Alexandre Christie watch will be bought by me on December this year


The reason why i choose Alexandre Christie watch, because i really love watch and i really like to use watch, and this watch is my favorite brand because design of the watch is simple. How can i get this watch? i will save my money and i ask to my mother to add my money if less.



Story Of My Life

Hy Guysssss……

My name is Melanie Orlita, I was born in Jakarta on January 2, 2000. I was actually born in Simalingkar, North Sumatra. but since a few months after I was born my parents wandered to Bekasi, and we had to make a Family Card immediately, my father immediately took care of my birth certificate. and I spent my childhood in Bekasi. I was the first child of three siblings, My Father name is Rinaldi Manurung and My Mother name is Novita Simamora, I was the only daughter in my family, so my father took great care of me, I was born of a simple parent. my father was an entrepreneur and my mother was a teacher

“And now I will tell you about myself from my childhood to the present”

When I was 5 years old I started entering school, I attended Santa Maria Monica Kindergarten located in Cibitung. the first time I entered kindergarten I was escorted by my aunt. and there was an incident that I remembered when I was in kindergarten. my aunt took me to kindergarten A, and by the time my teacher asked about the sum I answered it easily, and then when my teacher asked me about the English I was able to answer easily. then my teacher said to my aunt “ma’am, sorry i thought the mother incorrectly put Melanie into kindergarten class, should you put Melanie to kindergarten B because she is smarter than her other friends after hearing the words of my teacher, my aunt crying because he felt touched .

In 2006, I graduated from kindergarten and went to SD Santa Maria Monica. where at the time I enrolled in elementary school, my principal refused me because I was too young compared to the others. then after my father negotiated with my principal, I was finally allowed to enroll in elementary school with a very young age. during elementary school I went to school to pick up, because since my elementary school my parents have been busy working. but for me it is the thing that makes me independent even though I want like other children who every day picked up by his parents. and even when I was in elementary school I had an unforgettable event. where in grade 3 SD for the first time I was escorted by my mother, because my mother went to work during the day. after arriving at school I went straight to the class, because it will start at school. I still see my mother outside my class, when my mother is going to work, I cry from the window and make my teacher tease me “the crybaby”. and during my elementary school my teacher kept calling me the whiny until I finally graduated from elementary school.

I graduated from elementary school in 2012, and in that year I went to junior high school and I went to the same junior high school with kindergarten and elementary school that is SMP Santa Maria Monica, if at that time I may choose my own junior I will choose the State Junior High School but because my parents were more confident in private junior high school because of the strict rules, I finally went to private school again and again. in my junior years I had a lot of things, and at junior high school I first got a case where I broke the glass of mading. and made me compensate for the mading glass, but because of that I got a cut on my thigh, which made my parents worried about my condition. then after hearing that I had to compensate for the broken glass mading but the school did not give me treatment, in the end my mother was very angry and called to school and she told my headmaster like this “I will compensate for the broken glass mading at any cost, but can you replace the flesh on my torn child’s thigh and hole “hearing my mama’s words on the phone made me afraid to come to school tomorrow morning. but my mother said “why are you afraid to come to school? what for fear of compensation? told mommy if later at school you are still told to compensate mama will sue your teacher” and those words that make me become more calm and brave to come to school.

for 3 years I studied in junior high school and in 2014 I graduated from junior high school and I will enter the high school world where my parents say “in high school you will find your critical time” and it is true I feel my critical time where when I enroll to SMA Negeri I failed and in the end I signed up for private high school. and again I went to Santa Maria Monica High School, but I went to Santa Maria Monica High School for only one semester because my parents were worried about my health because I had to go to school at 6 am and I was riding a motorbike, sometimes in the middle I walk in the rain so get to my wet school uniform. and I got cold. after a semester at Santa Maria Monica, I was transferred to a high school near my house that is YADIKA 13 TAMBUN SMA, where at school in YADIKA, my mother was easier to monitor me, because my mother taught at SMK YADIKA 13 located with SMA YADIKA 13. and in my high school years, my father said that I made it through my critical times. and I feel the things that are divine.

in 2017 I graduated from high school and that’s when my real struggle started. I struggled to enter the State College, and with all my struggle I followed all the tests for the admission PTN but in the end I failed to enter the PTN and in the end I went to a university located in East Jakarta, the Christian University of Indonesia or people usually know him with the name UKI, at the beginning of entry into the UKI I was worried because maybe I can not have friends, but in the end I found a friend who could be spelled as my second family, and I’m happy to enter the UKI even more into the family English Teaching Study Programme (ETSP)

and the journey of my life I have an idol, that is my mother. Why mother that I make as an idol? Because mother is angel without wings sent by God to me who will continue to care, guard and protect me under any circumstances, even he willing to sacrifice his life for me. And mother is someone who can be willing to wear wet clothes because of my tears when I’m sad, mother also is my partner in argument, my partner at the time of shopping, my colleagues in learning, my partner in cleaning the house, and my partner in everything. She always taught me things that are very useful for my life in the future. MY MOTHER IS MY HERO.¬†And I REALLY LOVE MY MOTHER

My Biggest Challenge In My Life

“Everyone must have a challenge in his life”

I have the greatest challenge in life, and the challenge took place when I first became a Sunday School Teacher Candidate, at the time of Sunday School Christmas, held on December 16, 2017, I was chosen to organize a dance movement for Sunday school children. I was not used to teaching children, especially for the dance, I felt depressed and almost felt to die my duty as a dance coordinator, but my friend a fellow Sunday school teacher encouraged me and said “YOU MUST CHALLENGE YOUR SELF, IF NOT FROM NOW, WHEN YOU WILL CHALLENGE YOUR SELF ?”. After my friend said that I also felt that it was true that I had to challenge myself, and started looking for dance references for Sunday school kids, and after I found one dance that suited my Sunday school kids I started trying to train them. At first it is rather difficult to teach them, because they are still often joking and rather difficult to take seriously, but gradually because I had the confidence that I and my Sunday school kids would succeed in showing the best performance, we also managed to teach them dance. And by the time Christmas comes they show me everything I’ve practiced, and I feel proud of myself and my Sunday school kids because they can be very well connected. and from my success in the last year, when I train them to dance. This year I asked my fellow Sunday school teachers to coordinate dance sessions again. and “I ALREADY SET MY GOAL TO CONTINUE THE BEST FOR SCHOOL PROGRESS IN MY CHURCH. AND I SURE THE LORD SHALL BE HELPING ME IN THIS MY SERVICE.”

  • This is my Sunday school teacher friends

  • This is my Sunday School Kids

  • And this is the best Sunday School Christmas team I ever had

My Family Healty Routine

My Family Healty Routine are :

1. Jogging in the Afternoon

Hasil gambar untuk jogging

Me and my mother always jogging at 5PM until 6PM, and when i ask my mother what is benefit of jogging, and she said “for me jogging is very important, because it make me healt and avoid me from heart attack” and now i know, the reason that my mother love jogging, because she dont want to get heart attack. Because of it, Jogging is our family healty routine.

2. Always eat the vegetable

Hasil gambar untuk eat vegetable

My mom always angry if me and my brother aren’t eat the vegetable, she always said if the vege are important for our healt. It avoid us from spure, and another illness. And it make me and my brother like vegetabels

3. Always drink mineral water

Hasil gambar untuk drink water

Our family always drink mineral, but not for cold water, we’re always drink 2 until 8 glasses of water in a day, and we are barely drink tea or coffee, because in there are more sugar.

Okayy there’s my Family Healty Routine. Thank You for reading.

Jogjakarta Trip

I will explain to you about my experience,

On January 2014. me, my family and my cousin family went to Jogjakarta to celebrate New Year party. We went to Jogjakarta by car, because my father said “if we go to Jogja by train, it’s very difficult, because your aunty had a baby”. So he suggest us to go to Jogjakarta by car, besides because we can stop when tired of driving, our journey will also be more relaxed.

The journey from home to Jogjakarta takes approximately 12 hours. After we arrived in Jogjakarta,¬†we went straight to the hotel that had been booked by my mother. And after take a rest in our hotel, we explore Jogja until midnight. When we explore Jogja i ate “GUDEG” that i haven’t eat yet. I don’t like gudeg because for me guded is very sweet traditional food. And i don’t like¬†the food was too sweet.

On December 31, we go to “Alun-Alun of Jogjakarta”. In there is already crowded, because many people stay there to see the fireworks. And before we seen the fireworks, we eat at the angkringan, because the food in there is very cheap. And when the time¬†is 12 o’clock, we come back to Alun-Alun and see the fireworks. After the fireworks ends we go back to the our Hotel, and we Pray together. After that we go to sleep.

We stayed in Jogja until January 2nd, because my mother has been go to school to teach. and on the way home, we stoped at one restaurant, my Mother said “we must eat before we go home”. And by the time it was eating my family and my cousin’s family prepared a present for me, they gave the gift as my birthday present, which I did not remember that it was the 2nd of january where at that time I was birthday. And it’s make me sad, because their remembered when my birthday.

And I think it was wonderful trip, and i want to go to Jogjakarta again with the same people, the same time, and the same happiness. Why i can said “the same happiness” because now my Cousin and her family’s are stayed in Lubuk Pakam, and they will no longer be easy to walk together as they lived near my family. it make me sad.


Traditional Food Of Bataknese : AYAM NAPINADAR

Manuk Napinadar : Is typical Batak cuisine in Indonesia that is usually serve at certain customary feasts. This food sauce uses the chicken blood.

For this lesson, i choose AYAM NAPINADAR for the traditional food,  because i like this food so much.

And the reason why i like this food because, i really like chicken and i like the spicy food, and this food very delicious if we cook with the much chili and andaliman. so it’s the reason why i like this food. Moreover if this food cooked by My father, i can eat for many time.

And now, i will tell you how to cook it, before that, let me tell you the ingredient :


Manuk Napinadar or Ayam Gota (Grilled Chicken with Blood Sauce)

  • 1¬† ayam kampung (whole Indonesian native chicken or malay chicken)
  • 1 jeruk purut (kaffir lime juice)
  • 3 daun jeruk purut¬† (kaffir lime leaves)
  • 2 daun salam (Indonesian bay leaves)
  • 40 ml minyak kelapa (coconut oil) for stir frying
  • garam (sea salt) to taste
  • 1¬†tbsp¬†Andaliman pepper¬†for marinade the chicken

Ground Spices Napinadar (Spice Paste)

  • 10¬† gr cabe merah (red cayenne pepper)
  • 30 gr cabe rawit (bird eyes chilies)
  • 100 gr bawang merah (red shallots)
  • 3 bawang putih (cloves garlic)
  • 3 cm lengkuas (galangal)
  • 2 cm kunyit (turmeric)
  • 10 gr ketumbar sangrai (toasted corriander seed)
  • 3 cm jahe (ginger)
  • 3¬† sereh, ambul bagian putih (lemongrass, take the soft white inner part only)
  • 3¬†tbsp¬†Andaliman pepper¬†(you can replace with szechuan peppercorn or sancho peppercorn)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Resep Gota /Saus Darah (Blood Mixture)

  • 50 ml air (water)
  • darah ayam atau 2 buah hati ayam segar (blood of chicken or 2 fresh chicken liver)
  • 20 ml air jeruk purut (kaffir lime juice)
  • 1 tbsp¬† garam (salt)

*mixed the water, salt and lime juice until well combined and then put the chicken blood dripping over it,  stir gently to prevent the blood clotting.

** if using chicken liver, put all ingredients and puree it just before added to the blood sauce

Cara membuat Saus Gotah or Getah Darah Manuk Napinadar (How to make the Spicy Blood Sauce:

  • Panaskan 20 ml minyak kelapa di penggorengan (Heat 20 ml coconut oil in a sauce pan)
  • Tumis bumbu ayam napinadar halus sampai matang¬† dan harum (Saute the spice paste in a middle high heat until the oil dripping is separated in the edge of the spice paste and throughly cooked)

resep bumbu napinadar ayam gota andaliman saksang

  • Matikan api dan masukkan campuran dahar atau hati ayam ke bumbu ayam napinadar (Turn off the heat and then pour the blood mixture, stir it gently)

recipe braised chicken with blood ayam gota darah bumbu saksang andaliman pinadar

  • Hidupkan kembali kompor, didihkan dan masak diatas api kecil selama 2 menit (Turn on the heat and bring the napinadar blood sauce mixture, bring to boil and simmer for 2 minutes)
  • matikan api dan sisihkan saus gota atau getah darah ayam (Remove the sauce from the heat and set aside)

Cara Membuat Ayam Kampung Panggang Manuk Napinadar or Ayam Namargota  (Instruction):

  • Lumuri ayam dengan air jeruk purut, garam, 20 ml minyak kelapa dan 1 sdm andaliman . Simpan di lemari es hingga bumbu meresap semalaman. (Marinade the chicken with kaffir lime juice, 20 ml coconut oil and 1 tbsp andaliman pepper, refrigerate overnight)
  • Bakar ayam kampung di atas bara api tanpa dikipas. (Grilled the chicken over charcoal with low heat)

manuk pinadar ayam pangang gota darah mudar

  • Bolak balik ayam agar ayam kampung panggang matang merata, angkat, sisihkan. (Flip over the chicken to prevent burned out and cooked the grilled chicken throughly)

resep ayam bakar pinadar gota arang tempurung kelapa

  • Potong ayam menjadi 10 potong, susun diatas piring saji (Cut the chicken into individual pieces, arranged it in a serving plate)
  • Siram dengan Saus Gota atau Saus darah napinadar diatas ayam panggang, sajikan (Pour the spicy blood sauce over the grilled chicken)

Cara Memainkan Angklung yang Baik dan Benar

Angklung merupakan alat musik yang berasal dari indonesia dan telah dikenal di seluruh dunia, bahkan tidak jarang warga negara asing ingin belajar untuk memainkan alat musik angklung ini.

Layaknya alat musik lainnya, alat musik angklung ini juga memiliki kunci-kunci nada. Hanya saja yang membedakannya adalah material penghasil suara, yaitu terbuat dari bambu.

Cara bermain alat musik angklung pun unik dan berbeda dengan alat musik lain. Angklung ini memiliki kekhasan dalam memainkannya, yaitu dengan cara menggetarkannya, berbeda dengan alat musik lainnya yang menghasilkan suara dengan hanya dipetik atau dipukul.

Cara untuk memegang dan menggetarkan angklung pun tidak sembarangan, ada teknik khusus yang harus anda perhatikan, jika anda salah dalam teknik memegangnya, bisa-bisa angklung yang anda mainkan tidak akan mengeluarkan bunyi yang harmoni.
Berikut ini adalah teknik memegang dan menggetarkan alat musik tradisional angklung dengan benar.


1. Mengatur Posisi Angklung

Posisi alat musik angklung yang benar adalah tabung yang tertinggi berada di bagian kanan anda, sedangkan pada tabung yang kecil berada di bagian kiri anda. Pastikan posisi dari angklung yang anda mainkan lurus dan tidak miring.

2. Mengatur Posisi Tangan

Posisi yang benar dalam memainkan angklung adalah tangan bagian kiri anda memegang angklung tepat pada bagian simpul atas angklung, sedangkan pada tangan kanan memegang angklung di bagian bawahnya. Usahakan kedua tangan tetap lurus.

3. Menggetarkan Angklung

Tangan kanan anda bertugas untuk menggetarkan angklung, sedangkan pada tangan kiri hanya memegang angklung saja dan tidak menggetarkannya. Lalu gerakkan tangan kanan dari arah kanan ke arah kiri secara berulang, lakukan gerakan getaran tersebut secara cepat dari pergelangan tangan kanan anda.

4. Memegang Angklung Lebih Dari Satu

Apabila anda memegang angklung lebih dari satu. Pastikan angklung yang ukurannya besar anda letakkan berada lebih dekat dengan badan anda. Namun jika ukuran angklungnya lumayan besar, anda dapat memasukkan angklung tersebut ke dalam lengan anda agar lebih mudah dalam memainkannya. jika ukuran angklungnya kecil, anda hanya cukup memegangnya saja dan berikanlah jarak antara kedua angklung tersebut agar kedua angklung tidak saling bersinggungan saat dimainkan.

Setelah anda memahami tentang teknik dalam memegang dan juga menggetarkan angklung. Anda juga dapat memahami langkah-langkah dalam memainkan angklung.

Berikut ini adalah teknik dasar dalam memainkan angklung.

1. Teknik Getaran Panjang

Teknik ini merupakan cara memainkan angklung dengan menggerakkan angklung secara panjang sesuai dengan nilai nada yang anda ingin mainkan. Sehingga nada yang dimainkan akan saling sambung menyambung dan tidak akan terputus-putus.

2. Teknik Staccato

Teknik ini merupakan cara memainkan angklung dengan tidak menggetarkannya seperti biasa, namun dengan cara diketok, sehingga akan menghasilkan bunyi angklung yang pendek. Untuk menghasilkan bunyi yang pendek, anda harus sedikit memiringkan posisi dari angklung dan tabung dasar kanan pada angklung dipukulkan ke tangan kanan anda.

3. Teknik Tengkep

Teknik ini merupakan cara memainkan angklung dengan menahan dan menutup tabung kecil sehingga tidak ikut berbunyi. Teknik Tangkep ini digunakan untuk menghasilkan suara dari angklung yang lebih halus.


Cara Memasak Ayam Napinadar Khas Batak

Untuk kali ini, aku akan menjelaskan cara memasak ayam pinadar atau dalam bahasa Batak sering disebut Padar atau Manuk Napindar. Dalam pembahasan ini ayam akan dicampur dengan gota. Gota adalah darah, jadi menggunakan darah ayam itu sendiri. Karena untuk sebagian orang yang tidak memakan darah ada juga cara memasaknya yang akan dibahas pada postingan berikutnya.

Gota yang dipakai dalam masakan khas Batak Toba diolah dengan cara yang berbeda. Darah ayam ini dicegah supaya tidak membeku dengan cara diberi garam dan perasan jeruk nipis.

Manuk Na Pinadar

Manuk Na Pinadar

Sebelum memulai memasak, pastikan kalau sudah mahir memotong ayam dulu yah.¬†ūüôāKarena memang harus dipotong sendiri untuk dapat langsung mengambil darahnya. Ciri khas dari makanan ini adalah rasa pedas dari andaliman. Jadi tidak akan lengkap kalau tidak ada bahan yang satu ini.

Andaliman www[dot]gobatak[dot]com

1 kg Ayam kampungDarah dari 1 ekor ayam, campur dengan:
‚Äď 1 sdt Garam
‚Äď 2 buah jeruk nipis

Bumbu halus yang disangrai:

  • 2 buah Serai dipotong kecil
  • 5cm Lengkuas dipotong kecil
  • 7cm jahe dipotong kecil
  • 5cm kunyit
  • 5 siung bawang putih
  • 10 siung bawang merah
  • 10 biji kemiri

Bumbu halus yang tidak disangrai

  • 15 buah cabe rawit atau secukupnya
  • andaliman secukupnya
  • garam sesuai selera

Cara Membuat:

  1. Ayam disembelih, dibului, dipotong-potong dan dibakar tanpa bumbu hingga matang.
  2. Sangrai atau bakar semua bumbu yang disangrai
  3. Kemudian giling semua bumbu yang disangrai atau blender semuanya dalam satu wadah ditambah dengan bumbu halus yang tidak disangrai
  4. Tumis semua bumbu dan campurkan dengan darah ayam yang masih mencair.
  5. Aduk merata kemudian masukkan potongan ayam panggang sampai terendam dengan bumbu. Kemudian siap disajikan.
Bumbu Ayam Pinadar

Bumbu Ayam Pinadar

Darah Ayam

Darah Ayam

Bumbu di Tumis

Bumbu di Tumis

Bumbu Dicampur dengan Darah Ayam

Bumbu Dicampur dengan Darah Ayam

Ayam Dipanggang

Ayam Dipanggang

Ayam Pinadar

Ayam Pinadar

Cara Memasak Ikan Naniura Khas Batak

Ikan Masak Naniura (Dekke Naniura)

Sushi lovers? Bored of that kind of sushi? Maybe you should try this kind of sushi I can tell..
Not only Japan who has sushi as a traditional dish, our lovely country have a traditional food that kinda like sushi!! This traditional dish came from North Sumatra, especially North Tapanuli and she has a unique taste.. Sour and sting (maybe?!) that come from main ingredients of this dish..

4 porsi


  1. 1 kg Ikan mas segar
  2. 3 bh Asam jungga atau 10 bh jeruk nipis (ambil sarinya)
  3. 1 sdm Andaliman (bisa beli di kios bahan masakan batak)
  4. 100 gr Kemiri, sangrai
  5. 5 cm Lengkuas, parut, ambil airnya
  6. 10 cm Kunyit
  7. 2 bunga Rias (kecombrang/honje), kukus sampai empuk
  8. 10 siung Bawang merah
  9. 6 siung Bawang putih
  10. 100 gr Cabe merah keriting
  11. secukupnya Garam
  12. secukupnya Minyak goreng


360 menit
    Blank step

    Tambah foto





  1. Bersihkan ikan mas dari sisiknya. Filet ikan mas untuk mengambil dagingnya. Untuk kepala ikan mas sesuai selera. Jika suka bisa dibelah dua dan pastikan bersih dari isi kepala.
    Tiriskan sampai benar-benar kering. Sisihkan.

  2. Goreng kunyit, bawang merah dan bawang putih hinga matang. Sisihkan.

  3. Blender seluruh bumbu (andaliman, kemiri, bahan digoreng, cabe merah) dengan sedikit air hingga halus.

  4. Bila sudah halus, campur dengan air jeruk nipis dan sari lengkuas. Tambahkan garam secukupnya.

  5. Balurkan seluruh ikan dengan bumbu. Bila masih tersisa lebih bagus lagi kalo ikan sampai terendam oleh bumbu.

  6. Diamkan dan tutup selama minimal 5 jam, untuk mematangkan daging ikan dan bumbu meresap.

  7. Sajikan bersama nasi panas ya.

  8. Inilah penampakan andaliman yang masih segar dan bunga honje.